Making the decision to no longer show  our cattle was a difficult one, how do you compare and contrast your breeding plan against fellow herds?  

In our opinion, there is no better way to gauge your animals than being judged by your peers in a 'Whole Herd Competition', comparing animals on a far greater scale than the small classes you see in local shows, where animals are often hard pushed on feed and not showing the natural qualities. 

In 2017 we were Reserve Small Herd winners in the North East Region and had the 'Best Calf Suckling', adding to previous major Junior Honor's at County Shows. 

In 2018, we went one better and won the Midland Herd Competition 'Best 2016 Born Heifer, Best 2017 Born Heifer and Best Medium Herd'. In 2019 we retained our Best Herd Title and again had success with our heifers. 

At the 2018 North East Awards Dinner we were again awarded the Best Calf in the Region and this year took 'Best Small Herd' and Reserve Overall Herd. Naturally we are delighted with all of these key indicators and to improve from 2017 shows the hard work is paying off. It will certainly be a challenge maintaining this position as there are many excellent animals in the region and breeders trying very hard to improve the Blondes.